Luvina BeckleyThe amazing skills Luvina Beckley, M.H.M and Associates CEO, brings to the area of grant writing and project funding are enormous and they seem obvious to most people. Also obvious is that Luvina herself is not one to shy away from a challenge. She gets that from her career as a prominent college basketball player, whose team won a Division III national championship in 1983. It is likely that competitive edge that makes her so successful at meeting the challenge of getting a grant. She sees it as a competitive pursuit; as much of a challenge as hitting a 15 foot jump shot with one second to go in an important basketball game. Luvina Beckley is aware that a finite amount of money is available from agencies, foundations, investors and other project funders. She is also well aware that there will always be plenty of applicants for those funds.

All of that combines to put her in a position to make the absolute right grant proposal that gets the money. That is a major challenge, but it’s a challenge she embraces and appreciates. Given the level the leadership provided by Luvina Beckley, it should not be surprising that M.H.M and Associates is one of the best in their business. M.H.M and Associates is a Riverside, California-based private grant writing, consulting and management firm. That means their primary function is to encourage local governments and other organizations to form partnerships with appropriate funders, so as to improve the social, economic and environmental welfare of their communities.

And make no mistake; most of what Luvina Beckley and M.H.M and Associates done so far seems to work. They have created an industry standard when it comes to successfully accessing grants and investments in a way that does great things for communities all over. Through their projects and targeted investments, they have shown an ability to expand economic capacity in many places.