Luvina BeckleyTo date, the primary business model utilized by Luvina Beckley-Knight and her firm, MHM and Associates, has produce a success rate that any other form would envy. This rate of success, which is right around 77 percent, has actually managed to bring in well over $100 million in grants for various projects. From her home base of Riverside, California, Luvina Beckley-Knight has also gained recognition from the federal government and the state of California for the high level of design and efficiency she demonstrates when it comes to community restoration and improvement.

The projects they engage in, as well as their targeted investment, has the effect of expanding the capacity of local businesses and other employers, which in turn means they can hire more and also raise the skill levels of local workers, thus making them more valuable in the overall job market. Luvina Beckley believes in facing the future and doing so directly; something she learned years ago, when she was a prominent college basketball player on a team that won a Division III national championship back in the 1980s.