Luvina BeckleyThe high level of skill that Luvina Beckley and her firm, MHM and Associates, bring to the table when it comes to helping agencies and other organizations get the funding they need to improve their communities should be obvious to most people by now. Luvina is always competitive and almost always successful. Her competitive streak is part of who she is. After all, Luvina Beckley was once a very prominent college basketball player, who starred on a team that won a national championship in Division III back in 1983. It is that competitive edge that she brings to a lot of what she does. She sees the challenge of getting a grant as a competitive pursuit. It is as much of a challenge as hitting a 15 foot jumper with a second to go.

There amount of funding available from foundations, investors, agencies, and other funders is always finite, despite the fact that there are always an unending supply of applicants who would like some of that money. That makes it essential that a grant proposal be done exactly right. That’s a major challenge, but one Luvina Beckley relishes. When Luvina Beckley and her firm does the job, they find funding for projects in many fields, like criminal justice, health and human services, economic development and even the arts, along with many others.

One reason Luvina Beckley has been so successful could be her ability to recruit industry experts and their skill at securing grants in-house. MHM has been cited often for its ability to use best practices and models in a way that brings a high level of success at securing funds.